Holy Communion has always been central to the Church.  There is nothing more holy or more of a foretaste of God’s Kingdom than when we, as His chosen people, gather around the table and receive Him together in this act.  We remember His sacrifice and we feel His presence within ourselves in receiving the bread and the wine.  At Christ Church Westshore we see the Communion altar not as our own, but as the Lord’s table.  If you have been baptized and accepted Jesus as Lord of your life, you are invited to join with us at the table.

Holy Communion Class

Although the only requirement to receive Holy Communion at CCW is that one must be a repentant, baptized believer, we encourage children and adults to learn what Holy Communion represents before receiving for the first time.

We offer a Holy Communion class for students in fourth grade and above once a year.  The student and parents must also meet with the Rector.  Upon completion of the course the students are formally acknowledged by the congregation during a service of First Holy Communion.  

Adults are encouraged to speak with one of the ministers and may wish to take Membership Matters, although the class is not a requirement for receiving Holy Communion.