Confirmation is truly the most important decision that we make.  During Confirmation we publicly profess Jesus as the Lord of our life.  Our mission at Christ Church is  “Making Disciples, Following Christ”.  We have developed the following policies to faithfully fulfill the Great Commission among those who aspire to profess their faith publicly in Confirmation, Reaffirmation or Reception from another denomination.  The Rite of Confirmation is not just a ceremony, but a commitment to a lifetime of discipleship.

  • Persons desiring to be confirmed at CCW must be active in their discipleship and prepared to make the covenant that is required of Confirmands.  They must be present at corporate worship on a consistent basis for at least six months prior to the Bishop’s visit, which usually occurs in June.
  • Since they make a promise to be engaged in service, they must be active in reaching out in works of service at Christ Church.
  • If a student, they must be active in a local student ministry.
  • Students at CCW usually indicate that they are ready for Confirmation during High School.  There is no prescribed age or grade.
  • Membership Matters, a preparatory class, is offered prior to the Bishop’s visit, covering Confession, Confirmation, and Call.  At least one parent must attend with the student, in support of the promises they will make during Confirmation.
  • Candidates must meet with the Rector before participating in the Rite of Confirmation.
  • Adult candidates and those seeking to reaffirm their faith or be received are encouraged to prepare by taking Membership Matters.

For further information regarding Confirmation, Reaffirmation and Reception, please contact the Christ Church office.