Marriage / Weddings

Marriage can be one of the greatest and most joyous decisions of life.  An important goal of Christ Church Westshore is to help build the strongest possible marriage commitment leading to a life-long, Christ-centered union between husband and wife.

Healthy marriages are formed in the fellowship of a church community; therefore, Christ Church Westshore desires and expects that engaged couples will be active in the worship of Christ in this parish, or one near their home if they are not currently in this area.  If you are not already involved, please join Christ Church for worship—and please introduce yourself to a member of the clergy, all of whom are committed to welcoming new couples into the church family and helping them find activities and ministries to strengthen their walk with Christ.

Persons desiring to be married by a Christ Church minister should contact the minister, or the church office, as early as possible to ensure that he is available for your wedding date and to allow adequate time to complete the pre-marital counselling process.  Please allow 12 months between the time of initial contact and the wedding ceremony.  This also allows time to discuss the location of your wedding ceremony and confirm the venue’s availability. 

Where to begin
Contact the CCW office and schedule an initial interview with one of the pastors.  During the initial counselling meeting you should expect the minister to ask you about:

Your Christian faith
♦      When did you become a Christian?
♦      What does it mean to be a Christian?
♦      What place does Christian faith have in your life?
♦      Are you both actively involved as members in a local church?

The nature of your relationship
♦      What is the history of your relationship?
♦      How do your friends and family feel about it?
♦      What do you perceive to be the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the relationship?
♦      Are you living together?
♦      Have you maintained sexual purity?
♦      Have there been relationships in the past that are unreconciled (i.e., if you’ve been married before)?

Pre-marital counselling
Christian marriage is an intentional lifelong commitment between a man and a woman.  The premarital preparation process at Christ Church is designed to help you reflect Christian standards in your relationship, and to help you establish greater intimacy, communication, and unity throughout your marriage.  For most couples the pastors use a seven session course entitled
Preparing for Marriage.  This course looks at the meaning and purpose of marriage, the qualities necessary for a healthy marriage, the true nature of love and how to effectively express it, communication and conflict resolution, role relationships, and sexuality in marriage. 

If you’ve been married before
Couples seeking remarriage must participate in an initial counselling session with the pastor and in the course Preparing for Marriage.  Additional counselling may be suggested or required.   Christ Church must receive permission from our Bishop to perform the wedding.   A minimum of six months must pass after the final divorce decree is granted before the bishop will act upon the request.