The Christ Church Westshore Vestry is the group of lay leaders, elected by the members of the church, who take an active role in the life of the parish as they help the Rector plan how the parish can operate and grow.  Members of Vestry are Lay-Elders, who lead by example and take on roles to oversee ministries and help facilitate parish events.

Rich Kurak, Senior Warden
Gary Neel, Junior Warden
Jeff Davis, Treasurer
John Mack, Clerk

Barb Finley
Jerry Macek
Chris Hund
Dotty Reichenbach
Jim Stefano
Rob Schoenherr
Rob Middlemiss

Anglicans use some rather dated and obscure terms, “Rector” and  “Vestry” among them.  The Rector is the Minister-in-Charge or Senior Pastor.  Originally the Vestry were lay-leaders of a local parish who would meet in a room called the “Vestry” (basically a closet where the minister keeps his vestment robes) to communicate concerns of the parish with their minister.  So this group of lay-leaders eventually were recognised corporately as “The Vestry” of a parish.

This brings us to two other uniquely Anglican terms:

  1. The “Senior Warden”
  2. The “Junior Warden”

Now before you start thinking the Anglican Church is beginning to sound awfully like a prison, we should explain.  The Senior Warden is simply the head of the Vestry, like the Chairman of the Board.  And the Jr. Warden is just the designation of one who is in charge of upkeep the physical property of the parish.  There are other officers whose titles are more straight-forward such as Clerk and Treasurer.  Lastly, there are members-at-large.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Vestry

 How is the Vestry Selected?

At Christ Church, potential Vestry members examine themselves according to 1 Timothy 1:3.  Secondly, if they believe God is calling them to serve on Vestry they are interviewed by the Sr. Warden and Rector (Pastor) to help discern God’s call.  Vestry members are elected by the members of the Parish at the Annual Meeting, held the third Sunday in January.  Active members of Christ Church are eligible for nominations and election.  Nominations must be submitted to a member of the nominating committee by December 1st for election the following January.

How long do Vestry members serve?

Each member of the Vestry of Christ Church is elected to a three year term.  The terms are staggered to avoid all terms expiring at once.  Each member of the Vestry may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms and may run for re-election after sitting off for a minimum of one year.

With whom should I speak?

If a Parishioner has a question or concern of a personal, spiritual, and religious nature he should address it to the Rector or the Rector’s pastoral team.  All business, physical plant and non-spiritual items fall under guidance of the Vestry.

Who may attend Vestry meetings?

Any member of the Parish is welcome to attend the Vestry meetings.  They are held the second Monday of each month starting at 7:15 p.m., usually at Anchor Church.  Contact the church office to confirm the location.