The word “Acolyte” is derived from the Greek word akolouthos, meaning companion, attendant, or helper.  The Acolyte ministry has its roots in the Old Testament where Samuel, who would later be a prophet, is seen assisting Eli the Levite priest.

Acolytes are an important part of worship at Christ Church Westshore.  The Acolyte’s duties include lighting the candles on the altar, carrying the processional cross, processing with candles or “torches,” assisting the priests in preparation of the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion, and assisting in a smoothly flowing worship service.  Being an Acolyte is an important ministry where we help serve the people of God.

Our young worshipers are invited to join the CCW Acolyte Corps when they enter 5th grade and most continue to serve through High School.  Acolytes are scheduled to serve at our Sunday 9:30 a.m. worship service in rotating teams of three, with experienced Acolytes guiding newer members of the corps.  They also serve on holidays, such as Christmas Eve.