Dissatisfied in My Faith Journey

Are You Dissatisfied in Your Faith Journey?


So, you’re dissatisfied with your faith journey.  The church doesn’t seem to be the place for you.  Given your experience with the institutional church, you just don’t trust it.  We want to encourage you that there is a church for everybody.  We are called to live in community in the church, as the author of Hebrews says to us:  “… not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another …”  Therefore, we encourage you to come be part of us as we address some of the dissatisfactions that you’re particularly dealing with. 

There are many reasons why you could feel dissatisfied and frustrated with the church.  Maybe you’re frustrated with the lack of depth or with the style of worship you grew up in.  Or, maybe you’re seeing examples of corruption and you wonder, “Is the church any different from the world around it?”  Perhaps you are going through something serious in your life, and it’s a big deal to you.  Perhaps it’s something you’re grappling with or you feel judged.  

All of these things are real and legitimate reasons to be frustrated and dissatisfied with your faith and with the church. While the church is called the Body of Christ, we do not always represent Christ well and we own that. However, we want you to know that God does love and care about what you're going through, even though sometimes the church doesn't show you that.

At Christ Church Westshore, though imperfect, we offer ourselves to you as a way-station.  If you’ve ever been on a long hike, there are little places to stay, called hostels.  You can stay there for a day, or a couple of days.  The idea is that it is safe place to rest and recover before continuing your journey.  So, if that’s where you are in your life, we welcome you with open arms.  Come, be among us, feel loved, rest and recover from that hurt you are feeling.  And, we hope that when you are recovered and ready to continue your journey, whatever it might be, you will trust us to partner with you as you walk that journey.  

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