Lectors & Chalice Bearers

The word “Lector comes from the Latin meaning someone who reads.  In modern America we take it for granted that just about everyone reads but this was not always the case and certainly not the case in the early Church.  Even if one could read, books were precious.  Many Christians relied on the words of Scripture being read aloud to them in the worship service.  Being a Lector was an esteemed position in the early Church and is so even today.  The Lector has the wonderful task of proclaiming God’s word to His people.  In reading Scripture the Lector does not just dispense information from a book but boldly proclaims God’s ancient and yet incredible relevant word for us today!

At Christ Church our Lectors also serve as Chalice Bearers, assisting the ministers with the distribution of Holy Communion.  Lectors serve on a rotating basis at our Sunday services, as well as special holiday services.  Based on availability they may also serve at the Wednesday morning service, funerals and weddings.